Terre Nere

Campigli Vallone

The fruit of professionalism, passion, and dedication

The Estate of Terre Nere Campigli Vallone was born from years of experience and mirrors the personality of our family and staff. Everything comes from the intuition and passion for rural traditions and values that owner Pasquale Vallone has had since his youth, elements that have brought about evolution in agriculture and specifically in viticulture. This passion stems from Pasquale’s earliest experiences in his family, who have always been dedicated to self-realization by working in, and with, nature.


The Terre Nere estate stretches over 15 ha (37 acres) of property, at an elevation of 280 meters, south south-east, 10 km from Montalcino. 10 ha (25 acres) are planted in vines, in the hamlet of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, on the slopes leading up to the hilltop Castle of Velona. The vineyards are nestled in a setting of rare beauty, surrounded by pristine forests and a microclimate ideal for the cultivation of the vine. All the vineyards are in hilly areas and enjoy excellent sun exposure...


The Cellars, currently located at the locality Pian delle Querci, 7 km from the centre of Montalcino, is divided in two structures: one for vinification and fermentation and one for aging. The grapes, manually picked during the harvest, are transported in small baskets, and after a careful selection of the bunches, are vinified in stainless steel tanks of 50,70, and 100 hl. The harvest involves the entire Vallone family, in fact every member …

Wine is like a catchy melody which warms the heart and excites the mind. The vineyard is the music score, the bunches are the notes, and the terroir is the marvelous orchestra. Terre Nere - Campigli Vallone
Terre NereGrappolo Uva  Cantina Montalcino  Terre NereMontalcino
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      Terre Nere Campigli Vallone
      Loc. Castelnuovo dell'Abate
      Montalcino (SI) - Italy
      P.IVA 00923400527

      Cellar: Loc. Pian delle Querci
      Montalcino (SI) - Italy
      Tel: +39 335 8107743 / +39 349 0971713


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